How cheating at school made me more effective at work

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Busted.  I could feel the blood rushing to my face as our Professor casually asked Jack and I to stay after class for a chat.  It was Sedimentary Geology 101, a required class for Petroleum Engineers, but not a favorite.  We were aiming to become engineers and many of us resented being forced to study [...]

“We don’t do write-downs.”

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Last week the Wall Street Journal broke the news that the SEC plans to investigate Exxon's valuation practices. The announcement follows on from action taken by the New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, who has been investigating Exxon's past knowledge of the impact of Climate Change since Nov 2015. Mr Schneiderman's office recently added reserves [...]

Help! I’m drowning in email!

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Ping. Ping. Ping…. Ping! That’s the sound of distraction and over notification. Aka "reply all”. We’ve all felt it. The weight of stress on our shoulders, at the mere sight of our unread email count. It grows. An endless stream of attention seeking notifications that we barely have enough hours in the day to keep [...]