Oil scandal jails Interior Secretary (1929)

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Every Friday I post my favorite Flashback from Bruce Wells weekly blog, This week in American Oil and Gas History as a tribute to those that created Energy Abundance for humanity. I also take a look at the future by finishing with a Flash Forward, a glimpse into the future and what we have to look forward to. This [...]

What is your Company’s greatest asset?

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This is a question that I commonly ask large audiences at conferences.  The first few responses are usually related to a play or basin.  "The Marcellus" says one person, "The Bakken" says another.  "Wrong" I reply.  "You see none of these 'assets' are worth anything without people to operate them, people to plan their development [...]

Deepwater Horizon Movie: Raw, Real and Painful

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The tears streaming down my cheeks do not do justice to the raw emotion I'm experiencing as I silently leave the theater. I'm not alone. Heads are bowed, eyes are red and the mood is very somber. I'm in Houston, Texas, for the public premiere of Deepwater Horizon, the Hollywood dramatization of the tragic events [...]